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At the beginning of 2019, the Bahrain Institute of Finance and Banking started a large-scale project aimed to digitally transform their internal processes. As it turned out, in the light of the pandemic which struck soon after, the timing was perfect.

BIBF did extensive research to find a low code platform capable of optimizing business processes addressing multiple areas of the organization’s daily activities with various degrees of complexity. The solution had to be both versatile and easy to use as the plans assumed forming an internal competence center responsible for delivering solutions. The choice was WEBCON BPS.

2 years since the platform acquisition, BIBF transformed an impressive number of over 50 business processes covering nine core areas: procurement, HR, finance, quality assurance, IT, operations, marketing, management, and general collaboration. The implementation has been carried solely by BIBF internal efforts.

“Within just 24 months, we’ve gone almost entirely paperless. We were able to optimize and automate key internal processes. The timing couldn’t have been better. Covid-19 enforced a transition to remote work and everything had to be digital. We were prepared and continued the business as usual. Many organizations weren’t so lucky ”

summs up Shaker AlOwainati, Senior Manager, IT and Operations at BIBF.

BIBF continues digitization efforts and plans to introduce WEBCON BPS into its core areas: Academic Centre and Customer Service. The system will not only optimize and automate series of activities but will also improve customer experience. Ultimately, WEBCON BPS will have a significant impact on building a competitive edge of the organization.

“As of 2021, there’s no other choice but to be digital. Low-code application platforms facilitate remote work by improving internal processes and guarantee that procedures, policies and best practices are in place. They allow employees to focus on their duties without constant distractions caused by the necessity to consult and carry out their tasks via phone, e-mail, or even worse, on paper ”

comments Michal Rykiert, Head of Business Development at WEBCON.

Recent studies made by 451 Research show that “60% of enterprises agree that inefficiencies exposed by Covid-19 will drive technology investments at their organizations well into the future”. At the same time, “80% of enterprises agree the demands of dealing with COVID-19 provide an opportunity to make procedural or operational changes that will benefit the business in the long run”.

About Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance is a higher education institution affiliated with the Central Bank of Bahrain that offers more than 400 various training courses in banking, accounting, Islamic finance, insurance, information technology, and marketing. Since its foundation, BIBF has delivered training to over 360 000 students.

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