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Huhtamaki accelerates digital transformation by replacing Lotus Notes with WEBCON BPS

Digitizing business processes is not a new concept for Huhtamaki. After a multi-year period spent building and maintaining business applications with Lotus Notes, Huhtamaki went looking to change the platform. After evaluating many available platforms via a multi-stage selection process that included building test applications, Huhtamaki selected WEBCON BPS. Read the case study to learn why they chose our low-code platform.

Huhtamaki is a global leader and expert in the production of food packaging. The organization has over 100 years of tradition and currently operates in 36 countries, with 81 production plants around the world. The company employs more than 18,000 people worldwide.

Read the case study to learn:

  • Why did Huhtamaki decide to phase out of Lotus Notes?
  • Why did the company choose WEBCON BPS and what other tools did they evaluate?
  • What processes did the company digitalize using WEBCON BPS?

…and more!

Industry: Manufacturing, Packaging


Location: Europe

Download: EN | PL

WEBCON BPS in Huhtamaki:

It took only 2 weeks for the IT department to deliver and launch the first 3 pilot applications

Within 3 years, IT created 50 business applications

Further solutions were created at the rate of up to 5 applications a week

Examples of processes digitized with WEBCON BPS:


Forecast of the product
group sales levels

New substance

The premise of digitizing processes in Huhtamaki was to eliminate unproductive running around with sheets of paper around the office. Thanks to the applications developed with WEBCON BPS, the pandemic-necessitated switch to remote work wasn’t particularly difficult for us.

Marek Rusecki
IT specialist at Huhtamaki FS Poland, responsible for the process of selecting, implementing and maintaining the platform

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