How Josef Rädlinger
made process digitization
a fixed element of work

In this video case study, you can see how the innovative construction company Josef Rädlinger has successfully managed to make process digitalization a fixed element in the everyday work of their 1800 employees. See how not only in the backend processes are digitized, but also on the construction site many business processes are managed fully digital.

The video shows you exactly how Josef Rädlinger leverages WEBCON BPS low-code platform to develop tailor made applications. Using only a limited amount of time and effort, these applications allow them to prevent errors, handle processes faster and more efficiently, and optimize the flow of information by connecting stand-alone solutions in the software landscape.

What makes WEBCON BPS unique for me personally is the InstantChange™ technology which allows us to change a process that is already running, an operational process, without any major downtime and in a matter of seconds.

Thomas Dengler
Corporate Development Team Leader at Josef Rädlinger group

What were the criteria for choosing
a low-code platform?

  • The flexibility with process digitization
  • The possibility to implement direct requests immediately
  • As little need for maintenance activities as possible

WEBCON BPS in Josef Rädlinger:

Implementation and evaluation of new processes is possible in much faster, agile and individual way than ever before

It is now possible to respond
to change requests immediately

thanks to InstantChange™

Open architecture and REST interface
help organization to quickly respond to emerging needs

About Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH

Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH is a major player in the construction industry. Their wide range of services include road construction, building construction and civil engineering. Nationwide, the group has approximately 1,800 employees working in nine locations.

With WEBCON BPS, the organization automated such processes as business card management, fleet management, and incoming invoice verification.

WEBCON BPS was implemented in the organization in 2018 by WEBCON’s German partner, VSB Solutions.

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