Business Process Automation
for Food Production
Case study: Südzucker Group

Learn how one of the leaders in the food industry uses process automation to quickly respond to emerging business needs, increase productivity, save time and money, and streamline processes across the entire capital group

Südzucker Group, the largest sugar producer in Europe, chose WEBCON BPS as a corporate standard for business process management, after finding out that IT can deliver business applications 70% faster with WEBCON BPS than it used to with a different Gartner’s Magic Quadrant-related process automation platform.


WEBCON BPS enables the IT team at Südzucker to:

  • Quickly develop application prototypes for business users to test whether their requirements are fulfilled
  • Easily control and adapt to changing business expectations, both when creating solutions and during further maintenance
  • Create new solutions in days, not months
  • Carry out both large strategic projects lasting several months, as well as smaller automations operating locally, where the delivery time is calculated in hours

With workflow automation, processes at Südzucker became transparent, well-governed, standardized, and auditable, which allowed the IT team to provide management with strategic insights, indispensable to corporate growth.

Industry: Production


Location: Europe

Download: EN | DE | PL

Yearly maintenance cost 66% less

Power User training cost 83% less

Change request time-to-business 3x faster

Examples of processes automated with WEBCON BPS:

Claims and complaints:

A workflow integrated with SAP that allows for efficient complaint management in 9 countries. Thanks to process automation, it is possible to guarantee timely processing and responding to client complaints, improve the quality of service and optimize productivity by automating repetitive, yet important tasks.

Corrective and Preventive Actions:

An application integrated with the Complaints workflow. It aims to facilitate the planning of preventive and corrective actions for the entire organization.

Fleet management:

An application that allows for storing and monitoring the most important information about the car fleet, such as the date of upcoming vehicle inspections or fuel consumption.


An internal eBay that allows the employees to buy used items that the company puts up for auction (i.a. cars, computers, monitors).

What distinguishes WEBCON BPS from other low-code platforms is the time-to-business ratio. At this point, basically every department is knocking on our doors with new ideas for applications that could streamline their tasks. They do that because they know we will provide them with solutions quickly and without difficulty. We currently have 30 applications and ideas for another 30 are waiting in line. Employees know that each application will look and behave in a similar way, that is why they are eager to embrace new solutions and quickly appreciate the benefits of automation.

Dominik Cholewiński
Application Manager at Südzucker Polska

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