A prototype
is worth more than
a thousand meetings

WEBCON Designer Desk makes gathering
requirements for workflows & process applications easy.
Build models instead of Word & Visio files.

Should You Use
WEBCON Designer Desk

Less Negotiation
More Collaboration

Free your organization from countless meetings, ad-hoc Visio and Word documents or figuring out how to explain BPMN 2.0 notation. Collaborate on prototypes everyone sees and understands.

Drag & drop an application prototype without coding

Test it out and see it in action; improve it in real time

Walk away with accurate and actionable documentation

See How
WEBCON Designer Desk works

Model a Workflow

Drag & drop your process and describe what you want to happen. It’s that simple.

Design a Form

Decide what you need to present and what you need to collect from users. No coding or database design required.

Test the Prototype

Click a button to see your application in action. If it’s not yet what you wanted – change it and try it again . You don’t need any IT skills for that.

Generate Documentation

Don’t worry about describing everything to IT. Push one button and Designer Desk translates your prototype into a complete specification tech people will understand.

Start Using
Designer Desk Now

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