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Watch the tutorial videos to hit the ground running with WEBCON Designer Desk.

1. Creating a new prototype

Watch how to begin working with Designer Desk, by setting up a brand new project.

2. Designing a workflow

See step-by-step how to design your workflow: add steps using drag & drop mechanism, connect them together with paths, describe how you want them to behave and assign tasks to specific users.

3. Designing a form

Learn how to design your custom forms, using multiple fields available. Change field labels to make them easily understandable to the users, add tooltips, create picklists, and describe how you want the fields to behave.

4. Configuring field matrix

Find out how to use the field matrix to set up which fields on the form will be visible, editable and required in each step of the workflow.

5. Settings up the start button and custom reports

Learn how to customize start buttons and reports in Designer Desk.

6. Testing the prototype

It’s time to test your application! Watch how to run a test of your prototype and see your brand new solution in action.

7. Generating documentation and publishing the prototype

Discover how easy it is to generate the documentation for your project. The portable PDF will contain everything about the application: copies of the diagram, a description of the form, a whole data dictionary details, and more! Next, you’ll want to publish the prototype, so it can be used and finished in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio by professional application builders.

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