Business process automation solutions for education

With thousands of students and staff, as well as thousands of backstage processes running on a daily basis, education institutions require much more than efficient task and document management.

With WEBCON BPS, academic institutions can manage processes related to creating the education offer and curricula, as well as the recruitment and enrollment process for the students, and employment for the staff. Universities and colleges can also make their day-to-day internal operations work smoothly with administration, procurement and tender management workflows and applications created in WEBCON BPS.

WEBCON BPS becomes a single, comprehensive and integrated IT ecosystem, allowing academic institutions to support both the teaching process and the administrative tasks.

Streamline operations

with a low-code automation platform

Increase productivity
& quality of work

Speed up business processes, while also eliminating errors, ensuring standardization, and improving process visibility. This will result in quality improvements and real-time insights that are crucial to making better business decisions.

Get products
to market faster

Reduce time to market for new products with the support of modern low-code applications.
Track progress, easily find out who’s responsible for each project phase and monitor performance with KPI reports.


Foster a culture that embraces innovation and rapidly respond to changing manufacturing landscape. Gain freedom to test new ideas - provide POCs in no time and build scalable, change-ready applications to gain competitive edge.

Explore education processes

that greatly benefit from automation

With WEBCON BPS, companies in the education sector can create custom, context-specific workflows to radically improve their day-to-day operations for the better. Some examples include:

Developing, verifying and changing student curricula

Approving class schedules and sending notifications to students

Processing funding/subsidy applications

Processing student applications

Foreign collaboration management

Managing R&D projects

Managing the scientific achievements of the academic staff

Managing academic conferences and seminars

Managing procurement and tenders

Processing enrollment for programs and courses

Implement solutions that support

processes​ across all departments with a single platform


  • Correspondence & case management
  • Document repository & DMS
  • Fleet management
  • Business trips approval & cost reimbursement
  • Purchase-to-pay
  • Expense accounting


  • Vacancy approval, recruitment
  • On/off-boarding
  • Leave & holiday requests
  • Employee assessment
  • Perks, bonuses & gift approvals
  • Retirement plans
  • Managing remote workers


  • Budgeting, investment planning & purchase requests
  • RFI, RFP, tenders & purchase orders processing
  • Cost invoice approval workflow
  • Invoicing automation and payment approval
  • Credit limits management
  • Supplier authorization

Sales & marketing

  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Content approval & distribution
  • Newsletter & mailing campaigns
  • Social media publications
  • Event planning & follow-up


  • IT assets & systems registry
  • Permissions management
  • AD & Exchange accounts provisioning
  • Project Management
  • Change Requests processing
  • Helpdesk & ticketing

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