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WEBCON webinar

WEBINAR: Drafting and Approving Agreements. How Workflows Support Legal Departments and Organizations

 October 7, 2020
 9:00 AM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM CET

Agreements are an inherent part of doing business – everyone knows that. So why are they handled in such an unreliable way? During this webinar we will show modern workflow solutions, which allow for effective contract management and are suitable for every organization. Be sure not to miss it!


North American Collaboration Summit 2020

 September 29-30, 2020
 Branson, MO, USA

NACS is the only multi-day Microsoft focused conference in the Midwest where business leaders, IT pros, developers, end users, and other professionals come together to learn how Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Azure can power teamwork, employee engagement and communications, and organizational effectiveness. WEBCON is proud to support the event as a Diamond Sponsor.


E-Leasing Day 3.0

 September, 2020
 Warsaw, Poland

The only conference in Poland dedicated to the digitalization of the leasing process is going to be organized. The event brings together the most important experts from the leasing industry, providers of IT services and solutions and external experts interested in discussing the digital future of the leasing industry. This year’s conference theme will be project management. WEBCON is one of the main partners of the event.

SharePoint Fest D.C.

 May 8-12, 2021
 Washington D.C., USA

SharePoint Fest brings together the world’s leading experts in SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Azure. Whether you are new to SharePoint or an experienced power user, admin or developer, SharePoint Fest has content designed to fit any experience level and area of interest. The workshops and sessions are taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Regional Directors and Microsoft engineers. We are proud to support the event as the Platinum Sponsor.


Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit

 London, United Kingdom

WEBCON is proud to be a part of this year’s Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2020 organized by Gartner. We also believe that the future of applications depends on effective legacy modernization as much as innovation. The AADI will focus on these dual priorities, exploring the latest approaches to optimize existing applications and infrastructure as well as leading-edge technologies driving business transformation. Meet our experts in June on WEBCON’s booth.


European Collaboration Summit

 October 14-16, 2021
 Wiesbaden, Germany

ECS is one of the largest community-driven conferences focusing on Microsoft’s products: SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Exchange, Skype, and Project in Europe in 2021. WEBCON is proud to suport the event as Diamond Partner.

See the events that we have already taken part in this year:

WEBCON webinar

WEBINAR: “Minimum Viable Product” is a Lie Unless It’s a Maximum Evolvable Product

 September 9, 2020
 9:00 AM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM CET

Too many Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solutions die on the vine either because they’re too simple or because they’re left alone post-deployment. To put it bluntly, too many companies use MVP as an excuse to release bad software. MVP is a great idea, but only if it’s the start of a cycle of continuous improvement. ”Cycle of continuous improvement” isn’t easy — unless you have WEBCON BPS. Let us show you how it works! 


WEBCON webinar

WEBINAR: How and Why WEBCON BPS Scales and Performs to Enterprise Standards

 September 2, 2020
 9:00 AM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM CET

We built and keep evolving WEBCON BPS on the principle that every application deserves to be treated like an enterprise application – no matter the size of the company or the user base. This webinar will explain, illustrate, and demonstrate a variety of features that make applications you build with WEBCON BPS solid, secure, and successful.

Summit EOIF GigaCon 2020

 August 26-27, 2020

EOIF GigaCon Summit is the largest conference in the region on digital document workflow and IT solutions to streamline and manage business processes. WEBCON is the main partner of the event. This year’s edition will be held online.


WEBCON webinar

WEBINAR: Connections, Data Sources, and Integration Actions: Interoperability with Responsibility

August 19, 2020
 9:00 AM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM CET

This time we’ll take a closer look at 5 connectors provided in the box with WEBCON BPS. It turns out that they’re the right five connectors, and when combined with our business rules, data source, and application lifecycle management features, you can painlessly build reusable links to SAP, IFS, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and practically every resource you’ve got.

Sign up for the webinar to learn how you can leverage any system of record in your automated business processes.

WEBCON webinar

WEBINAR: Streamlining Remote Work with Free Business Applications

August 5, 2020
 9:00 AM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM CET

Remote work is here to stay. Market leaders show us, it is the new normal. If you want your company to thrive, you need to pivot from making remote work just possible, to practical solutions that increase productivity, preserve know-how and empower adaptivity of your company.

We have prepared a series of 8 applications that will effectively tie your distributed workforce together. During the webinar we’ll be showing all the capabilities they offer that help increase productivity, save time, streamline remote work and accelerate results. 

WEBCON webinar