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How Echo Investment Made Digital Transformation Happen by Reworking IT & Business Cooperation

We’ve seen — more than once — a panel of innovators get asked what they thought the greatest barrier to digital transformation was, and heard almost all of them respond “IT.”

Efforts like citizen development and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are often attempted because users and business stakeholders, fed up with the situation, are trying to bypass IT “in order to get things done.”

That’s a problem, because IT is absolutely necessary. They’re tasked with managing resources no one else can rightly handle. Success for any top-down business process, and even many bottom-up processes, is dependent on IT.

Faced with this realization, Echo Investments reworked how to approach solution development, in which IT needed to be involved and thus needed to be armed with tools and techniques that allowed for better communication and greater responsiveness. The key was collaboration between professionals and “citizens.”

It worked. It continues to work. And you can hear how by watching this recording.

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About the Speakers

ECHO_Agata Skowrońska-Domańska

Agata Skowrońska-Domańska
Director of Strategic Planning, Echo Investment

Since 2017 Agata is the Strategic Planning Director of Echo Investment, and since April 2021 – also a Board Member of Archicom. Her responsibility in both real estate companies is to establish and develop business processes facilitating project management, accounting, budgeting and other through digitalisation, automation and technological innovations that are the top priority areas that allow for further grow of the scale of operation. She is honoured by Top Women in Real Estate prize in Technology and Innovations.

Previously Agata worked in leading industry companies such as Skanska, Bouygues, Yareal and Simon&Ivanhoe, what gave her deep knowledge and international experience in processing and operational activity in the industry.

ECHO_Adrian Woźniakiewicz

Adrian Woźniakiewicz
Digital Solutions Manager, Echo Investment

Since 2010 Adrian is a proud member of Echo’s IT Team. Started as a SharePoint Developer, now he is leading team of Business Applications, covering various business, CEX & UX implementations (CRM systems, Finance, BPM, E-commerce, Integration, Reporting, etc.). Throughout the years he was actively participating in the biggest revolution in the real estate business – PropTech, implementing numerous smart solutions, elevating technological standard of our buildings.

Since 2021 Adrian is Group Head of Applications and Technology Architecture for Echo Investment and Archicom, leading digital transformation of both companies and building bridges by translating business needs into technological solutions.

Previously he worked as Programmer for several polish companies in his home town, Kielce.

ECHO_Paweł Hołdak

Paweł Hołdak
Partner & Digital Transformation Leader, bpmRiders

Pawel Hołdak has more than 15 years’ experience in digital transformation and business process automation. A partner with bpmRiders, he has devoted the past four years to working with Echo Investment, the largest real estate company in Poland. His breadth of platform experience includes Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, Appian, K2, Nintex, and WEBCON.

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