Designing Workflows & Forms:
How to Avoid a Change Management Backfire

Digitalization is a broad term, encompassing so much more than just the move from analog to digital. As new technologies expand further into all areas of modern life, innovation takes the form of not just single groundbreaking shifts, but also small-step adjustments and optimizations.

New technologies bring new business opportunities. Nowadays, digitalization is the priority for enterprises which are focused on growth. And one of the buzzwords behind the trend towards digitalization is the digital transformation.

Even the best ideas are doomed to fail without ability to execute them, though. Experts estimate, that only 10% of enterprises successfully execute their strategies – the rest of them are more likely to fail or to find themselves in a place where they need to handle change management backfire. The “Designing workflows and forms” e-book is here to help you understand how to avoid it!

Get the e-book to learn:

  • what are the benefits of business applications;
  • how to avoid the pitfalls of managing long-term instances;
  • how to customize forms in a stress-free way;
  • what is a way to achieve efficiency in building business applications;
  • and what is the main benefit for YOU to use low-code platform to perform digital transformation in your organization!

Download the e-book and get to know more about designing workflow and forms!

Get the e-book:

If you want to know more about business applications, see our “Document Management Systems vs. Business Process Management Systems” article to learn how to use the implementation of DMS and BPMS systems based on automation and workflow to effectively perform digital transformation in your organization.

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