Invoice approval workflow

should never be taken for granted; not when you can extend it with enterprise-grade invoice capturing, data extraction, and review automation

Invoice processing? Cost controls? Reviews and approvals? You can simplify them. Accelerate them. Make them more transparent. Put them through the review and approval cycles the way your company wants them done.

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Transform invoice approval process with workflow automation

Reduce your end-to-end invoice processing costs. Use Intelligent OCR and AI to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry. Gain better control and auditability. Integrate seamlessly with your ERP.

Accelerate invoice processing

You’ll be able to automate data entry, eliminate repetitive tasks, and make paper documents as easy to work with as electronic ones.

Improve cost accounting

You can analyze what’s happening and how it’s happening. Cost accounting and cash flow management are just some of the ways you could make use of real-time and over-time insights.

Ensure compliance
& auditability

Make sure creating, reviewing, adjusting, and approving invoices is in compliance with both your internal policies and external regulations. And don’t just make it fast & efficient; make it transparent & understandable too.

Easily integrate with enterprise systems

Your ERP system or financial software package is your system of record. You deserve a system of innovation that integrates with it. To leverage the data you already have and do more with it than ever before.

Adjust the solution to your needs

ERP systems represent standards, but one size does not fit all. If you integrate it with WEBCON BPS low-code platform, you can evolve the solution to tailor-fit your needs. And no coding necessary.

Effectively manage change

Thanks to systems’ unique InstantChange™ technology you can easily adapt the solution – in real time – to address evolving business requirements, team requests, new regulations, or just plain old good ideas.

Manage enterprise scenarios with a single platform

Real-world enterprises involve multiple business divisions, countries, languages, currencies, and ERP systems - WEBCON BPS accommodates them all.

WEBCON BPS helps you process invoices
faster and smarter

Essential features of WEBCON BPS

Scanning, barcoding, OCR, and advanced parsing AI
A state-of-the-art workflow engine that handles complex routing and decision scenarios
Support for task delegation and substitutions
Comprehensive audit trails and full monitoring of the entire invoices life cycle
Customizable alerts and escalations
Full-scope integration with ERP systems and financial software
InstantChange™ technology that makes changes non-disruptive, inexpensive, and immediate
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Seamlessly integrate with financial software

We still haven’t found an enterprise financial software platform we can’t connect to. If it has web services or databases, we can connect to it. If it has a code-based API, we can still connect to it. And once we have, we can use its data for everything from lookup values to invoking transactions.

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