Powerful Low-code Application Platform for workflow automation & business process management

WEBCON BPS provides an effective and future-proof way to handle all your business processes - from supportive to mission critical.

Digital transformation is just a drag & drop away.


Low-code business process automation and application platform

Build tailored process-centric applications without coding, and easily customize them in response to ever-changing business needs, all thanks to our unique InstantChange™ technology that sets WEBCON BPS apart from other traditional low-code application platforms.

Build, Run & Maintain Applications that Boost Your Business - just with one platform


Automate workflows
of any complexity

Our clients claim to be able to build 9 out of 10 business applications they need with just a single low-code application platform. Whether you need to automate common scenarios (e.g. cost approvals or leave requests), supportive (privileges and access management), or get to the core of your business (loan approval, store opening, custom-built CRM), WEBCON BPS offers everything you need, right out of the box.
Forrester's study
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Total Economic Impact™ of WEBCON BPS

According to Forrester’s study, WEBCON BPS allows to save $1 M, experience 113% ROI & accelerate business processes by up to 87%

Read the brand new TEI study to discover both quantifiable and more subjective benefits companies experience after implementing the WEBCON BPS platform. Learn how you can empower your organization with intelligent business process management.

Automate processes across the entire organization
with a single low-code platform

Sales & Marketing

  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Content approval and emission
  • Newsletter and mailing campaigns
  • Social media publications
  • Event planning and follow-up
  • Purchase-to-pay
  • Expense accounting

Operational Processes

  • Correspondence and case management
  • Document repository and DMS
  • Legal agreements approval workflow
  • ISO procedures management
  • Quality management and auditing
  • Lean/Six Sigma improvement ticketing
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Claims, complaints and returns processing
  • Fleet management

Financial Processes

  • Budgeting, investment planning and purchase requests
  • RFI, RFP, tenders and purchase orders processing
  • Cost invoice approval workflow
  • Invoicing automation
  • Payment approval
  • Credit limits management
  • Contractor management
  • Supplier authorization
  • Business trips approval and cost reimbursement

HR Processes

  • Vacancy approval, recruitment, on/off-boarding
  • Leave & holiday requests
  • Employee assessment
  • Security and hazard-related work permits
  • Attendance
  • Perks, bonuses and gift approval workflow
  • Retirement plans
  • Managing remote workers

IT Processes

  • IT assets and systems registry
  • Permissions management
  • AD & Exchange accounts provisioning
  • Project Management
  • Ad-hoc tasking
  • Change Requests processing
  • Helpdesk and ticketing

Total Economic Impact™ of WEBCON BPS

Read the brand new TEI study to discover both quantifiable and more subjective benefits companies experience after implementing the WEBCON BPS platform.
Forrester's study

Building Appications using a low-code approach

Building applications
using a low-code approach

Turn ideas into tangible business solutions


Deliver your business applications in a few weeks, or even days.
Reduce the time and risk of software implementation projects by 70% and keep business happy.

Workflow Designer

Drag&drop BPM workflow designer allows creating any workflow you need without coding. No programing skills needed.

Workflow Automation

Build dynamic forms without coding, integrate them with external data and design their behavior. Access your form via web browser, mobile apps or Outlook.

Digital Forms

Define logic of your applications using advanced business rules editor. Reusability means high productivity and ease of maintenance.

Document Automation

Start BPM workflows based on external events. Leverage data from your ERP, CRM, SharePoint or any other third party system using webservices and direct database connectivity.

Change management in WEBCON BPS

Delivering applications is just the beginning
Our Business Process Management System is different. InstantChange™ technology ensures effortless adaptation to frequent changes. Whenever a change is requested, you simply drag & drop the new requirements into your application within your BPM Platform and hit “save”.

No grandfathering – every change you make is automatically applied to every single workflow instance. Including ones that are running.

WEBCON BPS BPM Platform enables direct but non-disruptive ad-hoc modifications in the production environment, as well as a classical but automated DEV to TEST to PROD staging approach. All changes are tracked and documentation updates are generated automatically. In that way, you can respond to ever-changing business needs while maintaining full control of your organization’s business application portfolio.

Process Excellence

Gain more control over your business, better coordination of activities and information to make critical business decisions
– all in one place, and with no technological debt.


Enjoy great flexibility and standardization in change management with reusable actions, business rules, BPM workflows, forms, and data models.

Aplication Life Cycle Management

Take advantage of smooth migration between the developer, test and production environments.


Automatically document all changes in business applications according to best practice. Focus on the challenges instead of menial tasks.

Maintenance in WEBCON BPS

Low Code Platform that minimizes the effort and cost
In WEBCON BPS you build applications by creating reusable actions, business rules, forms, and data models. Our Low-Code Workflow Automation Platform provides neat error and event reporting, allowing you to identify the root cause of any issue immediately.Tweaks and changes to your applications can be delivered either directly on production or using a staging approach – through test and production environments. With the InstantChange™ technology , it is non-disruptive and easy.

WEBCON BPS application platform helps you reduce downtime, while unleashing the full potential of your IT team. This is what makes them superheroes.

Peace of Mind

Never again choose between creating new applications and maintaining the older ones.


Modify your business application with a few clicks in response to the changing business environment. No deploying, no waiting, results available instantly.

Scalability Performance

Enjoy a platform that grows along with your organization and enables creating solutions in a pace-layered application strategy.

Substitutions & User Management

Seamlessly substitute your employees and effortlessly train new arrivals thanks to the platform’s low entry barrier and unification.

Error Reporting

Identify the root cause of any issue immediately and apply fixes even straight on the production environment.

User Adoption

Get users falling in love with their applications