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Design, test, deploy, maintain, & evolve enterprise apps to automate any business process your company needs. Do more with less thanks to advanced low-code technology trusted by industry leaders who’ve increased their effectiveness by up to 87% using WEBCON.
Low-Code Application Development Platform
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The Single Platform You Need to Rapidly Deliver Tailor-Made Apps

Fast-track app development and boost productivity by choosing low-code development instead of coding. Whether you need to streamline workflows, automate processes, or improve customer experience, our low-code platform can help you achieve your goals – usually in days or weeks, not months or years. Easily connect apps with existing data sources, reuse pre-built modules and business rules, and securely scale solutions with confidence across all devices.
Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform

Applications That Grow & Evolve
With You

You should never let software hold you back. With WEBCON, you don’t just quickly build your apps; you modify and improve them as your needs change, easily and with minimal IT involvement at most. WEBCON is the ultimate platform for agile and efficient process automation thanks to InstantChange™, powerful and revolutionary technology that lets you change your apps even while they’re running.

Build Apps that Support Any Process

Front-Office, Back-Office, Team Productivity, Mission-Critical
– Anything.

With WEBCON, you have the power to create solutions that solve real business problems and drive digital transformation. You can automate a wide range of processes across your entire organization, from simple workflows for teams to complex scenarios that involve many moving parts across the whole enterprise. You won’t have to settle for ready-made tools that don’t fit your needs ever again.

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Trade a Workbench Approach for an Application Factory

WEBCON allows your organization to build — and continuously improve — an entire catalog of applications. Deliver hundreds of apps to thousands of users on a single platform that’s still easy to manage. And it doesn’t take extra work to secure them, audit their activity, and measure their results – that’s all built in.
We designed our platform to be an assembly line for applications – because treating each app as a one-off project simply can’t (and doesn’t) scale. It enables our clients, even the ones with limited IT resources, to deliver dozens of apps that would have otherwise been sidelined due to competing priorities or limited budgets. Now you can finally attack your backlog and enhance your organization’s performance and productivity.
“The demand for applications in today’s business world is unprecedented, but quality cannot be compromised for speed. It’s not enough to build applications quickly and easily. They also need to be enterprise-grade, which means more than just scalability. That is why we’ve made sure our platform supports the entire application lifecycle and allows you to deliver future-proof apps that grow and evolve along with your company.”
Mike Fitzmaurice
Mike Fitzmaurice
Chief Evangelist & VP North America, WEBCON
versatile platform

Rapidly Deliver Apps that Work for You

Turn ideas into tangible business solutions using a single Low-Code Application Platform

Design Workflows & Forms Using Powerful Visual Tools

You can and will cut down on app development time while ensuring standardization and a consistent UX. Draw out your workflows in broad strokes and refine them with configuration settings. Reuse business logic, templates, connections, data, …everything, really. You’ll spend less time and money delivering more apps than ever before.

Benefit from an
Enterprise-Ready Approach

Most platforms make you design security, governance, compliance, auditing, attachments, comment logging, feedback collection, change management, and more each time you create each new app. WEBCON offers these things built into the platform itself, so even the simplest process contains critical responsibility features. Just build your app and let the platform handle the enterprise readiness.

Leverage Extensive Integration Capabilities

Easily integrate with third-party tools and core legacy systems. Create reusable and secure data connections & exchange data with ERP systems, CRM packages, and any other LOB solution. Replace risky customizing efforts with stable, scalable, and consistent processes that extend those enterprise investments instead.

Gather Valuable Insights

About App Performance

WEBCON’s Advanced Analytics Framework allows for quick comparative analysis of any application’s usage. You can use these analyses to make better resource allocation decisions, set better application development priorities, and – perhaps most importantly – provide evidence that your applications are really making a difference.

Enable Effective Collaboration Between Business and IT

Foster business user involvement in application development. The WEBCON platform provides a no-code prototyping tool that gives business users the power to design app prototypes, test them out, and hand it over to IT for finalization and deployment. It greatly speeds up requirements gathering and reduces IT workload without increasing risk. It empowers business users to become citizen designers, contributing to IT solutions instead of bypassing them.

Learn 5 things that make WEBCON Special

Learn the payoff to designing a process around stages rather than activities & see why you can develop multiple applications with WEBCON BPS in the time many people take to build just one – using other tools.
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Choose How You Want to Deliver Your Projects: DIY In-House or in Partnership with Professionals

We offer flexible and reliable solutions for any organization’s needs. Whether you want to build applications in-house or outsource them, WEBCON can help. We can train your team to get the most out of our platform. We can also connect you with one of our trusted partners – leading local service providers that know technology, know business, and know the practice of process automation. With WEBCON, you’ll never be on your own!
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WEBCON is the leading European-based provider of a complete Low-code Application Platform for mass delivering business solutions. Companies choose WEBCON to dramatically reduce time and cost of app development. The platform allows them to automate and manage business processes across the entire organization – using a single, unified platform. Thanks to its unique InstantChange™ technology, WEBCON embraces change like no other platform on the market.


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