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Another US based company invested in WEBCON BPS, Soilmoisture – a producer and inventor of agriculture instrumentation whose products are being sold in nearly 100 countries all over the World, decided to go paperless and optimize business processes using WEBCON Business Process Suite.

Soilmoisture implemented WEBCON BPS

Solimoisture (Santa Barbara, CA) – a company with over 60 years of experience in the industry, felt it’s the right time to introduce internally a new IT solution that would enhance execution of day-to-day tasks. The priority was to find a system with broad capabilities that would combine quick delivery of business applications with easy change management. The company chose WEBCON BPS. 

In choosing a system, I specified that IT department find a document management system for paperless communications and documentation that allowed routing, check-offs, and authorization paths to a designated end point. Only WEBCON BPS seems able to accomplish all those tasks required, plus offering much more flexibility, and features at substantially lower costs than any other software we’ve evaluated.,The interest in capabilities offered by WEBCON Business Process Suite increasingly rises in North America where the system is being perceived as a strong contender. WEBCON BPS is being successfully used for years now, by another US based company – Haddad Brands (responsible for brand such as Nike, Air Jordan, Converse and Levi’s) who’s CTO openly commends the solution for its comprehensiveness and ease of use. Those features appealed also to Bob Elliott, IT Manager at Soilmoisture:

I choose WEBCON BPS after looking at many domestic providers. Most offered only limited flexibility, were not easy to implement, a good number having strange and complex implementation processes involving excessive customer help that often was not there. In trying WEBCON BPS I found it very easy to implement, able to not only route and configure as demanded, but it provided sophisticated features ready for use in advanced global implementation with our dealer and distributor network around the world.,The implementation of the system in Soilmoisture is a consequence of WEBCON’s strategy that assumes steady increase of market presence in United States and Canada, which was initiated with company’s presence as a Sponsor at SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas.

WEBCON Business Process Suite is already quite successful solution in Europe and now we aim to widely introduce it into the North American market. The capabilities the platform offers easily match and outmatch features offered by competing solutions, comments Radoslaw Putek, CEO of WEBCON.

As a company offering over 300 products ranging from simple mechanical assemblages using pressure and vacuum, to high speed electronic devices with measurements in the pico seconds, Soilmoisture requires accurate and timely authorized routing of changes in meeting complex delivery needs. In supplying these products and services Soilmoisture relies on a network of international dealers, knowledgeable staff, web and social media exposure to facilitate the growth through controlled communications processes.