Best practices in document digitalization: WEBCON is main partner of the 2018 edition of EOIF GigaCon Summit

WEBCON is the leading partner of the EOIF GigaCon 2018 Summit, Poland’s largest conference on digital document workflow and business processes.


EOIF GigaCon 2018 - Polish largest conference dedicated to workflows and document management systems


At the EOIF GigaCon 2018 Summit, Poland's leading national conference on the digitization of documents (July 25-26, 2018 in Warsaw), leading IT solution providers will present their solutions to scale and automate activities related to business process management. For the second time, WEBCON is the main partner of the event.

Day 1: Sales Director Lukasz Semeniuk will host an expert session titled “Go fast, or go home. What to expect from the IT of the digital era, and why.” The presentation will discuss how introducing a digital workflow can revolutionize an entire organization. What’s needed are new solutions, improved task coordination and effective business applications. The successful implementation of digital workflows results in IT becoming co-responsible for deploying business strategies, and a legitimate partner in business.

Day 2: Senior Consultant Tomasz Borek will demonstrate workflows built on the WEBCON BPS platform, as seen from the perspective of end users and the architects responsible for business processes in the company. Our expert will also identify those elements of the system that are most important, whether for a local company with dozens of employees, or an international enterprise employing thousands. Workflows built in WEBCON BPS can form the core of an organization’s digital transformation.

In 2017, WEBCON was voted Best Presented IT Solution and awarded the Golden Bit. Come see what’s new this time around!


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