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OSI Poland Foodworks decided to implement a solution which would improve their accounting  procedures. The goal was to optimize the time needed to process an order and to automate the circulation of crucial documents throughout the company – from the moment an order is recieved, registered and approved, up to when it is filled and journal entries are posted. WEBCON BPS streamlines the decision-making process and prevents bottlenecks and otherwise unnecessary delays.
The invoice process was designed in a way that allows it to be used across all European branches of OSI Group. The company currently maintains a presence in eight European countries.
The implementation of WEBCON BPS in OSI Poland Foodworks was carried out by 7Technology, a company which specializes in delivering advanced IT solutions to various facilities, primarily in the food industry sector.

We became partners with WEBCON one year ago, and we can confidently say that it was an excellent decision. Our recent implementation for OSI group is further proof of that. WEBCON BPS is top-notch Business Process Management software which allows us to compete on the international market.

We are glad to hear that yet another international client will be using our system. It proves to us that we are indeed capable of creating competitive software that meets a wide range demands from users around the globe. From the amount of signed partnerships and deals, to our recent triumph at ESPC 2015, we are proud to know that more and more users place their trust in our product.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is the local representative of the American concern, OSI Group, which owns facilities in 17 countries and employs over 20 thousand personnel.
OSI Poland Foodworks hold a wide array of export licenses, supplying beef products to mostly foreign clients. They provide production facilities and background for the European structures of OSI Group.

BPS makes its way to McDonalds' biggest beef supplier.