IT and Business Work Shoulder to Shoulder at CEDC

CEDC is a European leader in the alcohol industry. See how they unite dozens of custom applications supporting their business processes across their global capital group, from marketing, sales and purchasing to finance and HR, using WEBCON BPS.

CEDC is European alcohol conglomerate, famous for brands such as Żubrówka, Soplica, Bols Platinum, Absolwent and Żytniówka. The company is a global market leader in alcohol production and distribution. WEBCON BPS helped boost and continues to cement their industry leadership position by turning its IT department into a full-fledged business partner.

Their digital transformation started in 2013 when CEDC took its first steps in creating collaboration tools, deploying the Microsoft SharePoint platform as the backbone of the company’s intranet portal. Shortly thereafter, the in-house IT department found itself faced with the challenge of creating dedicated applications that could support both internal administrative as well as industry-specific processes. One of the first business needs that CEDC identified was the need to streamline the process of developing new products and modifying existing ones.

CEDC’s IT department needed to find an effective way to quickly create tailor-made solutions that were agile enough to allow for frequent modifications. In less than a week, the team at WEBCON delivered a pilot application based on the requirements provided by CEDC. A single proof-of-concept showed CEDC the tangible time and money savings offered by the no-code WEBCON BPS rapid application development system.

We immediately saw genuine benefit from WEBCON BPS at the first meeting. The solution allows IT people directly responsible for the development of applications to immediately make changes that the users request, and to quickly deliver the next stages of the project, says Piotr Majewski, IT Director at CEDC.

Read CEDC's case study and learn more.

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WEBCON is the leading European-based provider of a complete Low-code Application Platform for mass delivering business solutions. Companies choose WEBCON to dramatically reduce time and cost of app development. The platform allows them to automate and manage business processes across the entire organization – using a single, unified platform. Thanks to its unique InstantChange™ technology, WEBCON embraces change like no other platform on the market.


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