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Several years ago, the idea of using Microsoft SharePoint as an organization's primary application platform, was far too bold for most companies to consider. Many organizations had resigned themselves to using SharePoint to implement simple workflows and forms for responding to minor business needs.

Nowadays, workflows and forms are virtually inseparable. Accompanied by business rule engines and capable integration frameworks, they create flexible business application platforms. But with a number of quality solutions available on the market, deciding on a suitable BPM solution tool can be quite the challenge. How can you choose the right platform for now, which also won't limit your organization in the future? How can you decipher the marketing jargon when most solutions make similar promises?

The first part of our e-book EVALUATING BPM/RAD PLATFORMS FOR SHAREPOINT presents a quick-scan method for initial market research. It helps you sort through dozens of proposals to come up with a short list for an in-depth investigation.


Download PART 1: Preliminary market analysis.