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SharePoint can empower an organization to face the rapidly changing business environment, provided it is equipped with a functional and flexible Rapid Application Delivery system.

Many Business Process Management platform vendors step up with identical claims, but their platforms are far from similar. Before making a final decision, it is crucial to verify their promises, as well as probe all the veiled aspects of the offer to avoid disappointment in the long run.

In the first part of this e-book, we discussed methods to perform a quick-scan of BPM/RAD vendors and their offers, to narrow down the number of potential candidates for further evaluation.

Part 2 of the e-book show you how to take the vendor evaluation to the next level. It will guide you step by step through an in-depth technical evaluation, ensuring the solutions you’re considering will be up to par technologicalically both today and in the future.

Download PART 2: In-depth technical evaluation.