High Tech Low Code podcast: Low-code with Mike Fitzmaurice

Who benefits the most from low-code: citizen developers or IT specialists? According to our VP North America, Mike Fitzmaurice, it depends on what you think "to benefit" means. Do you think that the most important thing is the delivery time or the usefulness of the delivered application? Or maybe something else?

Truth is, in the times when there is still a shortage of professional developers who would take care of the implementations, delivery and maintenance of IT solutions, low-code is a real lifesaver. But as low-code technology grows in popularity, there’s also a temptation to bypass the IT.

The world is benefiting more from low-code when it is used by people who know what they’re doing than by people who just experiment.“ – Mike Fitzmaurice

However, being a good citizen developer and building a good, useful, and future-proof application requires more than just a good tool – low code in this case. You need to be able to properly plan management, deployment, user education, IT education, maintenance purposes, security… You get the picture. That’s why in order to become a good citizen developer, you need to think like, well, a developer. Even if you’re not one.

Low-code development is still development. And it’s worth remembering that low-code does not equal citizen development – it is much bigger than that.

Listen to the latest episode of “High Tech – Low Code” podcast in which Tiago Neves, CEO of OutSprint, and host of the podcast, Mário Cunha, talk with our very own Mike Fitzmaurice.

What’s in it for you?

  • What the developer mindset is and do we need it when we use low-code…
  • What is a “happy path” and why is it not the only one we need?
  • Why if something is built with low-code you shouldn’t consider it “one and done”?
  • Are low-code platforms the silver bullets for many IT-related issues – or do they just generate more problems?

…and more!

Check out the podcast and listen to the experts. The episode is available on few platforms:


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