WEBCON in Computerworld: IT’s role in the banking industry of tomorrow

A bank of the future should be able to fully respond to the needs of the mobile client, delivering maximum value with minimum formalities, says Lukasz Wrobel, CBDO of WEBCON, advising Computerworld on how to develop a future-proof banking application architecture.

A technologically advanced bank with modern IT infrastructure is not a futuristic vision of the world, but a reality in the financial industry right now. New possibilities are appearing in transactional banking at a growing pace, both in Poland as well as worldwide. Clients now do their banking and payments on their smartphones or tablets, and talk to chatbots to answer their questions. The new era of banking has arrived, but can the banking IT systems handle this new reality?

According to Grzegorz Stech, author of “The Banking of Tomorrow Starts Today”, IT is responsible for both customer service as well as analytics and optimization which depend largely on the efficiency of core systems. IT remains any bank’s most important system, but what has changed is their architecture philosophy, i.e. how the system is built and managed.

Computerworld reports that banks are currently in a rapid phase of migration to replace their legacy core systems with modern ones.

For a number of years, core business processes have been at the focus of banking CIOs’ attention, explains Lukasz Wrobel, CBDO of WEBCON. A genuine challenge for C-level executives and IT management in the finance industry is to integrate business application architectures with the IT department’s organization in such a way that they support all other business processes as well. According to WEBCON’s expert, it is these processes that can determine the realization of the bank’s strategies, and help build its long-term business edge in the long run.

The details of Lukasz Wrobel’s recipe for a future-proof application architecture in banking is available at Computerworld magazine [in Polish].


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