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Leader in software distribution ecosystem uses WEBCON BPS,NULL,Perion – a global media and Internet company, implemented WEBCON Business Process Suite to optimize their internal procedures. The whole project was coordinated by ServIT – WEBCON’s Partner in Israel.

For Perion, the main goal of the implementation of BPM solution based on SharePoint, was to improve and automate execution of internal financial business processes, including cost reimbursement. The company wanted to leverage existing Microsoft infrastructure and enhance it with user friendly and flexible system, capable of rapid development of business applications. After extensive research of the market, Perion chose WEBCON BPS due to its performance and functional capabilities.,We’re extremely proud that Perion decided to use our system after seeing so many other workflow and BPM solutions. This choice proves WEBCON BPS can be successfully used in every industry, anywhere in the World. And that strongly motivates us to work even harder on making our platform better and better.,The initial implementation project was carried out by Perion’s internal MIS department in cooperation with ServIT and occasional consultation with WEBCON. Currently Perion is designing subsequent business processes based on WEBCON BPS in another areas.,The cooperation with Perion was a valuable experience and we’re happy they’re satisfied with the outcome. WEBCON Business Process Suite proved to be exactly the system we wanted it to be. We aim to have plenty of more opportunities to implement it.,Perion is a multinational performance-based media and Internet company with headquarters in Israel and offices in United States and Paris. The company provides online publishers and app developers advanced technology and intelligent, data-driven solutions to monetize their application or content and expand their reach to audiences. Perion’s monetization software enables digital businesses to optimize installs, analyze data and maximize revenue. At the same time company’s advertising mobile marketing business enables developers to make decisions on where to spend advertising budgets.,On their website, Perion claims to be “powering innovation", working with various specialists there – I can testify that this claim is truly justified. Perion's professionals think outside the box, and deliver unique solutions in a highly saturated market. At the end of the day, you can't fight the facts – Perion has proven that they made right choices along the years. This one is not different: out of numerous "traditional" solutions, Perion chose WEBCON.,ServIT specializes in finding quick solutions and providing the highest quality to its customers, while reducing development time to a minimum. At the same time the company ensures exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership and time to market. Over the years ServIT has successfully performed dozens of SharePoint projects in a variety of industrial fields including: telecommunications, financial services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, banking, academic, bio technology, consulting and more. ServIT has been WEBCON’s Partner since 2013.