The influential CIO.com portal talks to Mike Fitzmaurice on how a CIO should recalibrate their perception of their position, role and responsibilities in the organization in the digital era, and what to look for in IT solutions in order to get all the technological support available to “smoothly steer the digital transformation journey.”



As digital transformation reaffirms its place as a core element of every modern company's growth, it reshapes the CIO’s role from IT gatekeeper into strategic business leader, states CIO.com. The analyst house Gartner takes a very straightforward approach, advising every CIO to "fire yourself as an IT leader and hire yourself as a digital business executive.” This shift is challenging enough in itself, so choosing business automation tools in an informed way is critical. Complex, costly and inflexible solutions reinforce the stereotype of IT inhibiting innovation. CIOs can only overcome this by adopting technologies that enable ongoing disruption.

“Digital transformation is cultural transformation. Technology can help, but technology alone won't create this,” observes Mike Fitzmaurice, a world-renowned expert in workflow automation, Chief Evangelist & VP-North America at WEBCON.

According to Mike, the number one criteria for selecting tools and methods for building business process automation ought to be clarity.

“If you can't communicate what it is you've done to the stakeholder, who can check your work and make sure it's meeting their business needs, then you’ve failed. Clarity matters more than anything,” he explains.

Learn more about the new roles and challenges facing CIOs in the digital era, and what to look for in a business process automation and management solution.

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