Mitsubishi Electric optimizes financial processes with WEBCON BPS

Mitsubishi Electric optimizes financial processes with WEBCON BPS. The Polish branch of one of the biggest electric and electronic device manufacturers – Mitsubishi Electric – implemented WEBCON Business Process Suite along with OCR and barcode modules in order to optimize internal financial processes.

BPM System implementation in Mitsubishi Electric

The main goal of the project was to improve the company’s operational efficiency in the area of financial document processing. Such results were possible with the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and barcode modules, which digitize paper documents and register them in the system with great efficiency. The company also implemented processes enhancing internal management and information exchange.

Mitsubishi Electric aims to introduce subsequent business applications based on WEBCON Business Process Suite in the nearest future. Mitsubishi Electric is another company to join the ranks of satisfied WEBCON clients. They are now among other companies like: TAURON Group, Siemens Finance, LPP SA and Haddad Brands. Thanks to the flexibility and efficiency of our platform, we are able to deliver business solutions to basically all sectors and organizations of any size. Our successes are affirmed by multiple testimonials and recommendations of our clients.

Mitsubishi Electric is a multinational company with 80 years of experience. The company delivers its high quality products all over the world, to organizations and retail customers alike. Mitsubishi Electric is the worldwide leader in production and sales of industrial automation systems, semiconductors, information, communication, construction and satellite technology.

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