WEBCON welcomes Slovakia’s Novitech to the Partner family

The spring brought us a new arrival to WEBCON’s Partner family: our first Slovakian company, Novitech.

Novitech is a dynamic company founded in 1989, specializing in the development and implementation of large-scale IT systems and architecture, as well as BPM solutions. The company also offers process and project management consultancy. The core competencies of the company cover the entire IT solution life cycle, from requirement specification, design, prototyping, implementation, and deployment, to long-term support. A core focus is on BPM solutions for corporate clients, based on business process innovation technologies like WEBCON BPS. Novitech is also oriented towards IT services/processes provided using the cloud model, where customers pay only for the services they actually use.

We are very happy to welcome Novitech to our Partner family. The company has very experience, and its employees became WEBCON BPS experts very quickly. I am confident that operating together, Novitech and WEBCON will be able to deliver state-of-the-art Rapid Application Development solutions to companies in Slovakia and Czechia - says Łukasz Wróbel, SVP WEBCON.

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