Paperless pizzeria. Onboarding new employees at Domino’s made simple with WEBCON BPS


WEBCON’s British partner, Dolphin Networks, used WEBCON BPS to automate the process of onboarding new employees at Hala Group, the owner of 65 Domino’s pizza outlets in the UK.

Hala Group employs around 2,500 staff in the UK. Before WEBCON BPS was introduced, new starters and store managers had to fill out paper forms, which were then signed and mailed to the head office for filing. This process was time consuming and administratively intensive.

WEBCON’s partner in the UK, Dolphin Networks, introduced an automated workflow at Hala Group that is a quick, accurate, scalable and centrally administered cloud solution based on WEBCON BPS. The new system is completely paperless, and uses an employee contract legal template with details of the employee filled in accordingly. Using a tablet, new employees can read, review and digitally sign their contracts.

In addition to the contract itself, other documents like national ID, passport and work visas may be needed. The system uses the tablet’s camera and a scanner app to make copies and store any additional documentation. The procedure is intuitive and requires minimal training for staff.

Hala is benefitting from valuable data-based information, which is now being recorded automatically, says Andy Taylor, BI & SharePoint Solutions Architect at Dolphin Networks. This includes showing the number of new applicants, wage scales and demographic analysis including highlighting areas of high staff turn-over.

Dolphin Networks was established in 2001 and engages with clients to help them save time and money by leveraging IT investments and improving business process management.


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