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Partnership agreement signed between WEBCON and Objectway,NULL,WEBCON, front-running vendor of Business Process Management (BPM) software, has gained a new partner in Italy – Objectway. Forming a partnership with an Italian company is part of WEBCON’s strategy to expand on the European market.

Objectway was established in 1990, and has been delivering investment management solutions to the financial sector ever since. With 600 employees in Italy, Belgium and the UK, the company backs over 100,000 investment specialists in 15 countries on 3 continents. They are experts in meeting the demands of modern businesses with a wide offering of cutting edge investment management and digital software solutions. Objectway has decided to bolster its offer with WEBCON BPS, which was added to the company’s current portfolio.

,We thoroughly analyzed the BPM software market before deciding on which solution we would add to our inventory.

We decided to go with the system offered by WEBCON, because we are confident that their solution can be implemented for our clients quickly and efficiently. We were also impressed with WEBCON’s simple and intuitive configuration interface.,In recent years, WEBCON’s highest priority was to expand on the international market by forming partnerships with companies abroad. As of today, WEBCON has business ties in Poland, Slovenia, Columbia, Israel, Australia, Denmark, Japan and Italy. Our newest partnership with Objectway will strengthen WEBCON’s strategic position in southern Europe.,Effective process management in a company is, first and foremost, having a solid understanding of its business needs. Without comprehensive knowledge about how a specific company functions, and all the nuances and relationships between employees, departments and processes, it is impossible to create a solution which will streamline and automate its everyday tasks.

When we implement WEBCON BPS in companies, we take careful look at all their processes and simplify them as much as possible – all to support and answer the needs of a business. Our work philosophy is akin to that of Objectway, which can only mean a promising future ahead.

Since 2006, WEBCON has been developing Business Process Management (BPM) class software for Microsoft SharePoint. Our sole product, WEBCON Business Process Suite, is the fastest, versatile and fully adaptable platform for managing business processes based on SharePoint. It stands out on the market due to its unique and innovative technological and business concepts, which are appreciated by many of the largest international enterprises. Some of WEBCON’s many clients include: Tauron Group, Intersport, LPP, Energa, Solar, Answear, Barlinek, Nowy Styl Group as well as Haddad Brands (responsible for servicing, and partners with brands such as: NIKE, Jordan, Converse, Levi’s).