PEX Live: Digital Process Automation 2022

PEX Live: Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation has emerged as a new solution in the push for greater automation, with its principle benefit being the ability to automate an entire end-to-end process, rather than automating single steps along the way.

This year’s PEX Network's Digital Process Automation will be focused on enhancing integration and overcoming silos between both legacy and modern IT systems across end-to-end processes, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiency within existing processes and utilizing low-code applications in order to increase the ease of use and deployment across the business by coders and business users alike.

Be sure to join our very own Mike Fitzmaurice, VP and Chief Evangelist at WEBCON, at his session on “When I.T.’s Done Right, It’s the Secret Ingredient to Digital Transformation” on day one of the conference, at 11:00 am.

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