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On June 16, we gathered IT directors, management board representatives, and corporate business management experts for WEBCON DAY 2016 . The event was a conference-seminar, and its main objective was to inspire guests to share their experiences and opinions on the direction of business process management in their companies.

WEBCON experts and the clients, some of whom have been automating their processes for years, shared their practical knowledge and specific examples of implementations for practically every area of their companies’ operations. The second day included over 15 workshops, presenting the new features of WEBCON BPS and addressing technical aspects or BPM projects. This was the fourth consecutive event and it was attended by more than 170 people at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Kraków, Poland.

Summaries and plans for further development

Day one was an opportunity for inspiring discussions concerning new and often very novel WEBCON BPS implementations. The meeting was opened by WEBCON Chief Business Development Officer and Senior VP Łukasz Wróbel, who started the show by thanking our clients and partners for their continued trust and support. At last year’s event, we received an industry-leading Net Promoter Score for WEBCON BPS of 81.

(UPDATED: following our latest survey, WEBCON BPS has earned a record Net Promoter Score 86!)

Mr. Wrobel was followed by WEBCON CEO Radosław Putek, who briefly covered the company’s history, software evolution, development of partnership channels, and the most important areas of focus for WEBCON BPS implementations. He discussed plans for further international expansion, allowing the company and product to accelerate its development and obtain technological know-how from foreign markets.

WEBCON’s clients take the floor

Following the keynotes, the spotlight turned on our clients, who presented their business and technological experience in process automation with WEBCON BPS using specific examples. These included representatives from Intrum JustitiaMagellan GroupSüdzucker Poland, and Nowy Styl Group.

Benefits and challenges of the digital transformation

The typical benefits obtained by an organization from the introduction of BPM solutions include productivity growth, cost reductions, improved use of competencies, and business process arrangement and standardization. Speakers also focused on the challenges faced by individuals and departments responsible for the digital transformations at their organizations.

The first challenge faced is to select a solution which will be approved by management and desired by the workers. Other topics to consider include flexibility, scalability, and change management capabilities, as success and competitive advantage are often tied to how quickly and efficiently a business can adapt to changing market conditions.

The key concern for many organizations is in their operating scale. Do you have a complex and dispersed organizational structure, high data processing volume, complex or original business processes, necessary integrations with third-party systems, or even considerations for specific legal regulations? For those of you that are, the examples of how to balance between the standardization of business processes and the internal service role of a company’s IT department were certainly insightful.

WEBCON’s clients are experts in the digital revolution

Our clients discussed their strategies for a successful digital transformation. They presented new ideas and plans for automating further processes, and spreading the “digital revolution” to other departments. As it turns out, practically any internal process can be automated, delivering for workers more time to focus their efforts on more meaningful tasks

Original processes, limited only by our imagination

WEBCON Director of the Implementation Department and VP Łukasz Malina presented a novel look at BPM software. He discussed examples of unusual implementations and uses of WEBCON BPS that include processes like:

  • Recovery,
  • engine lifespan monitoring,
  • logistics management and inventory
  • opening stores of clothing chains
  • beer production, ordering and distribution,
  • Heat control, pilot training,
  • ...and even betting on sports events.

The first day was concluded with the Programme Council, an open discussion with WEBCON BPS users about directions of further software development.

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s WEBCON DAY, and see you in 2017!