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We look behind the scenes of Complaint Handling System implementation in Rovese Group. In exclusive interview Rovese’s employees provide first-hand information on carrying out CHS project, both in perspective of IT department as well as After-Sales Service Department.,NULL,Time to implement even a simple workflow solution in WEBCON BPS technology, compared to the native SharePoint, is incomparably shorter. What took us a couple of days in SharePoint, we were making in WEBCON BPS in one day.,An interview conducted with decision-makers responsible for customer service and internal IT projects depicts what challenges have to be faced during an implementation of a comprehensive system that has to handle all customer requests. In the material you’ll find an answers to following questions:

  • How correctly implemented system supports After-Sales service
  • How significantly time needed to handle customer complaint can be cut down
  • What are the differences between native SharePoint mechanisms and BPM systems that run on top of SharePoint
  • How to effectively manage IT projects based on SharePoint.

Interview consist of experiences of following people:
Krzysztof Patla — IT Director
Marcin Falkiewicz— IT Support Director
Agnieszka Zapolska — Group Customer Care Director
Jarosław Redko — After-Sales Service & Quality Director

We encourage to view the material available in PDF.,“The road to success in SharePoint can be easy” – experience of Rovese Group