Time For SharePoint 2013 summary

This year’s edition of Time For SharePoint begun in Gdynia and then proceeded to Warsaw and Wroclaw. WEBCON couldn’t miss one of the most important SharePoint events in Poland so we showed during the first day so our expert’s speech could open the whole event.

Lukas Wrobel, Director of Consulting in WEBCON made a presentation entitled 'Why business can’t wait – how to use SharePoint in order to effectively support changes in company' that received great feedback. In the first part Lukas showed a business users’ point of view on processes support in companies. The key aspects they take into consideration is: how quickly a solution can be delivered and how easy can it be modified accordingly to company’s current needs.

In the second part our expert presented live, how those two assumptions can be realized in order to effectively support business users. The audience was particularly impressed by usefulness of access from mobile devices. Lukas’ assistant took picture of people gathered in the conference room and attached it to a running process. The result was instantly visible on a big screen. Audience’s face expressions was priceless.
Other speeches in Gdynia touched subjects such as: benefits of implementing group work platform, migration to SharePoint 2013 or managing company’s resources with ongoing project.
Time For SharePoint once again proved to be a valuable place where people can get useful knowledge, get to know IT solutions and make some business contacts.
Thank you all for coming! We can’t wait for 2014!



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