WEBCON Academy celebrates its second birthday!

Since 2020, as many as 600 people took part in WEBCON Academy trainings in order to become WEBCON BPS experts!

WEBCON Academy is our extensive training program – designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills necessary to effectively implement the WEBCON BPS platform and build process applications in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio. The training courses are run solely by WEBCON experts, based on our best practices, and years of experience in working with WEBCON BPS.

During these last two years, our team of 14 WEBCON experts conducted almost 2,500 hours of courses and trained 600 specialists from around the world - both onsite and online. Our brand new WEBCON BPS specialists rated the courses very highly in the post-training survey, giving us 4.8 out of 5 points!

On this special occasion we would like to thank everyone who took part in our WEBCON Academy trainings - we appreciate your commitment and constant willingness to develop your skills related to WEBCON BPS. It’s been an extremely inspiring time for us, too!


Growing community of WEBCON BPS professionals

WEBCON Academy was established in response to the needs of our clients and partners. Facing the growing awareness of the need to develop and implement a digital transformation strategy, many organizations around the world have chosen WEBCON BPS as a key tool for digitization and automation of business processes. But the right tool is not everything – it is just as important to understand how to use its capabilities to achieve the best possible results.

WEBCON Academy courses are conducted in the form of lectures, workshops and supervised work of the participants. Each training course has been designed to convey knowledge and best practices in a way that allows the practical use of acquired skills immediately after completing the training. Participants not only know how the individual elements of the WEBCON BPS platform work, but also when - and why - specific functionalities should be used.

The training program was developed by WEBCON’s experts who help organizations digitize and automate their business processes on a daily basis – therefore, we are sure that it is perfectly adapted to the real needs of companies planning to accelerate their digital transformation. That’s not only our opinion – we have noticed that the number of participants has doubled year-on-year. What is even more important, though, is that over these two years, we not only observed an increase in the number of participants in the basic courses - from 150 in 2020 to almost 250 in 2021 - but also a 100% increase in the number of people taking part in advanced and expert trainings.

The growing interest in courses of various advancement levels proves that there are more and more certified specialists on the market who have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement the WEBCON BPS platform, and run complex projects based on the solution.

Would you like to become WEBCON BPS Expert? Check the upcoming trainings >


Reliable, knowledge-based partnership

We have been building an international Channel Partner Network for over a decade. Our goal was to establish partnerships with professional system integrators, who will leverage the WEBCON BPS platform to build complex, scalable and secure solutions for their clients. Our Partners are experts who understand the need for continuous improvement and development – so no wonder that even in the first year of WEBCON Academy, their interest in our offer was surprisingly high, and a year later the number of WEBCON certified Partners increased by nearly 100%. We are sure that we will observe even bigger growth in the number of certified WEBCON BPS Partners in 2022!



Our training program is developing as dynamically as we are, as an organization. We are glad that so many professionals trust our experts and participate in WEBCON Academy trainings, gaining knowledge in the field of digitization and automation of business processes using WEBCON BPS.

Many members of the WEBCON community - including participants of our trainings - regularly contribute to spreading product knowledge, support other members of the international community, create inspiring materials and represent WEBCON at international industry events. Our clients and partners are not only experts in their field, but also enthusiasts who perceive digital transformation as a challenge and an opportunity for further development. We want to reward such a proactive approach – that is why this year we launch the brand new program, WEBCON MVP. Find out more about the program on webcon.com/news/webcon-mvp/.

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