WEBCON partners with SharePoint Fest Seattle 2019

We cannot wait to meet you at SharePoint Fest Seattle on August 19 – 23, 2019! The event brings together world’s leading experts in SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Azure, and we’re beyond excited to have a chance to join you and talk about the latest trends in process automation!

Mike Fitzmaurice, VP of WEBCON North America will be hosting 3 expert sessions on process automation (see the details below).

On the last day of SharePoint Fest, on Friday at 10:10, we will have an ASK MIKE ANYTHING SESSION on our booth – everything you want to know about workflow & forms best design practices – be sure to be there!

We’re proud to support the event as a Platinum Sponsor.



FLO104 - Thinking Through Workflow Problems and Designing Superior Solutions

Wednesday 3:00 PM (70 min) | Room 609

You can use Flow, SharePoint Designer, WEBCON BPS, FireStart, Nintex, or K2 -- but using them well requires more than mastering tools. Oddly enough, too many workflow solutions treat the process itself as an afterthought.

Data and forms are important, but when designing a process-based solution, the process should dictate what data you need and what your users need to see/do. It has a big impact on user experience, app integration, compliance, and more.

This session will present advice you can use anywhere, with any toolset.

FLO202 - When To Use What: Using The Automation Tool for The Right Task

Thursday 1:20 PM (70 min) | Room 611

Microsoft Flow is a great fit for many automation problems. But there's more than one kind of Flow. Some business problems that need transaction support. Others need to manage content Some involve data harvesting. Or systems administration. Or data synchronization. Different use cases need different types of tools.

This session is all about making sure you use a hammer to pound nails and a screwdriver to twist bolts; we'll mention some third-party offerings in addition to Microsoft-delivered tech, but we won't play favorites.

SOL04 - Watch WEBCON Make Process Evolution Painless and Productive

Thursday 12:40 PM (30 min) | Room 607

Workflows that work aren’t just designed, deployed, and discarded. Every successful business process receives regular attention and continuous improvement. Watch us take you through a real-world process that started out looking like a “simple approval”; the more people used it and thought about it, the more they realized it was anything but simple and involved far more than just an approval. WEBCON made it easy to evolve applications accordingly, repeatedly, and without disruption. We’ll show you how in under 30 minutes.

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