WEBCON at the OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit


As businesses poised for recovery and growth in 2022, it has never been so critical for transformation executives to take a leadership role in mastering the new ways of working. Yet many transformation leaders find themselves in unfamiliar waters: the pace of change spinning faster than ever, rulebooks torn and redrawn, new technologies surfacing, amongst all these a distributed workforce adding another layer of complexity.

The 2022 OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit’s aim is to support decision makers and transformation leaders to master this change with the most relevant case studies from Fortune companies on rethinking your structure, capabilities and processes, the most trusted transformation leaders on developing a readiness culture for change, and the most enthusiastic conversations to spark ideas on innovation and leading transformation in the new hybrid environment.

OPEX Week is a perfect occasion to learn from leaders across a range of industries, connect and network with the best of the best, empower yourself with the right solutions, new ideas and insights from the experts, and finally – participate in thought-provoking discussions which may change the way you look at today’s problems and challenges.

We’d like to invite you on our booth to talk digital transformation, technology challenges and opportunities – our team will look forward to meet you!

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WEBCON is the leading European-based provider of a complete Low-code Application Platform for mass delivering business solutions. Companies choose WEBCON to dramatically reduce time and cost of app development. The platform allows them to automate and manage business processes across the entire organization – using a single, unified platform. Thanks to its unique InstantChange™ technology, WEBCON embraces change like no other platform on the market.


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