What’s new in WEBCON BPS 2016

We are happy to announce the release of yet another edition of WEBCON BPS, introducing even more powerful out-of-the-box features improvements, automation capabilities, the business rules engine, and more. Updates include:


A real revolution: the business rules engine

Version 2016 introduces an all new mechanism providing reusability of rules/conditions within the platform. This results in a significantly lowered entry threshold for process designers. Business users can now create advanced business applications without SQL knowledge and using only the WEBCON Designer Studio.


More design freedom in form creation

Acting on the requests of users, we introduced more options to adjust the form structure and appearance to more accurately meet individual requirements, considerably increasing form creation flexibility.


Designer Studio and graphical editor improvements

Designer Studio features an updated and more intuitive interface, especially in the graphical workflow editor


Create your own custom document recognition templates

This version marks another milestone in the development of the potential of OCR by introducing custom fields (those not recognized in the universal recognition template). This enables the application to recognize numerous document types, using an intuitive process that does not require any programming expertise.


A range of practical functional and ergonomic optimizations

Data management and archiving mechanisms have been introduced, which reduce the production size of the database while providing the same access to desired information. To facilitate better integration with external systems, we have also introduced the option of creating a data source based on the REST Web Service.

There are also numerous functional improvements like dynamic generation of hyperlinks on SWE reports, expansion of the update parent workflow action, moving and copying attachments between workflow instances, changing the structure of tree elements in Designer Studio, cyclical actions, and the possibility to work with BPS Studio outside of the company's domain.

Finally, we’ve also introduced changes aimed at improving the ergonomics of WEBCON BPS. Our users are always at the forefront of our decision-making process, with the goal of making their work with our platform enjoyable, effective and efficient.

Thank you to all our Customers and Partners for your feedback and inspiration!


WEBCON BPS 2016 - New features and improvements

WEBCON BPS 2016 - History of changes

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