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Version 8.0 of WEBCON Business Process Suite has been officially launched! New release provides series of innovative functionalities, among which the stand out add-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. We kindly encourage to read full list and description of all changes.

WEBCON BPS Outlook Add-in was probably the most anticipated feature in new version of the system. It combines the best features of workflow solution with accessibility offered by Microsoft's e-mail client. The three most significant Add-in capabilities cover :

  • Starting new workflows with e-mail messages
  • Task management directly from Outlook
  • Binding e-mails with given workflow elements

Outlook Add-in provides easy and intuitive access to workflow details without opening a SharePoint site. Full description can be found in summary.
WEBCON BPS Word Add-in is the second addition to Office package. It allows for very simple creation of documents and document templates in .docx format.

Thanks to drag&drop mechanism, users can transfer metadata (in case of single documents) and fields’ names defined in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio (document templates) to Word file. Add-in can also be used to compare versions of documents attached to workflow and exchanged between companies and/or employees. Invaluable feature e.g. in case of workflows where users work on legal contracts.

New version of the system also offers following functionalities and improvements:

  • Improved workflow handling through mobile devices
  • Expanded functionality of Show Workflow Elements - webpart displaying information included in workflow elements
  • New workflow actions: generation of RS reports, permission management, whole set of actions for SharePoint management
  • Full failover mechanism
  • Increased functionality of forms and lack of restrictions regarding number of form fields
  • ... and much more!

Full list of changes along with description and business use cases is available here.