WEBCON BPS 8.3 – New features, more improvements

WEBCON BPS 8.3 – New features, more improvements,NULL,WEBCON doesn’t take breaks in its quest to deliver the highest quality business applications. For this reason, we present you with the most recent incarnation of WEBCON BPS – version 8.3.

The developers here at WEBCON have prepared an extensive assortment of new features and improvements, which aim to make working with the system extremely intuitive, and shorten the time required to implement your ideas and solutions.

Graphic reports available on the forms and SharePoint site.

In this version we put emphasis on making the end-user interface more visually appealing. We added one form field, which can present data as a pie, donut, line and bar chart. This information can be presented based on data from the internal database or from an external source (e.g. ERP system). Thanks to this new Chart form field, necessary information can be displayed to users in an attractive and transparent way.

The Web Part equivalent of the new form field is Show Workflow Charts, used for displaying data in an interactive and appealing way on the SharePoint site. The combined functionality of our bread-and-butter Web Part for displaying lists of tasks and workflow elements (Show Workflow Elements), and the brand new Chart form field, have resulted in a Web Part where users can select what information they want to know more about, or narrow down what is displayed to them, by navigating through dynamic, interactive Charts.

New, fully automatic Import-Export mechanism

One of, if not the greatest feature of version 8.3, is the entirely automated mechanism of moving and updating processes created in WEBCON BPS. This is facilitated by the completely overhauled Import-Export function, which almost completely eliminates the need for any manual interference when migrating a process to a different environment.

Therefore, it is possible to update a business process that is active on the production environment in a short amount of time, without forfeiting high safety standards. As a result when creating an export package, and when importing one, the integrity of a process is verified. This reduces the risk of the process becoming unstable, which is crucial on a production environment. If any abnormality is detected, the system will display an appropriate message, telling us which element requires special attention.

This version also includes a wide array of implementation-related quality-of-life improvements, our mobile application has been expanded, and some changes were made to how Web services are handled, which should make them more accessible and versatile. All these changes and many more have been described in the document available below. We wholeheartedly encourage you to familiarize yourself with its contents.

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