WEBCON Business Process Suite 8.1 has been released!

WEBCON Business Process Suite 8.1 has been released!,NULL,We’re pleased to announce WEBCON BPS 8.1 has been officially released! Newest update introduces series of improvements with particular focus on user experience.

Gantt chart webpart has underwent series of tweaks in order to enhance its functionality. Currently it allows for creating personalized views, e.g. in context of displaying chosen employees and their subordinates, various timeline display and amount of data presented at a time. Also vacation chart has been improved with new feature to show data related only to a particular subsidiary.

New version of WEBCON BPS also introduces handling of time zones within date&time field. System prevents errors in cases where same workflow is being used by many subsidiaries which are territorially dispersed. Time is adjusted automatically accordingly to users’ time zones.

Another changes include broader capabilities of providing dynamic translations e.g. for columns within Show Workflow Elements webpart (task list). Also WEBCON BPS Outlook Add-in has been enhanced with capability to drag&drop attachment mechanism which can result in overwriting a file already attached to a workflow.

Full list and description of changes is available here (pdf file, v8.2).,

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