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At WEBCON DAY on May 18th and 19th, users (and enthusiasts!) of the WEBCON BPS platform will meet in Krakow to share their experiences with streamlining business processes in their organizations.

WEBCON DAY is a unique opportunity to broaden one’s knowledge of the WEBCON BPS business process management system, and learning new business use cases for the platform. It is also a chance to meet and network with IT and business experts from different industries.

The topics discussed will revolve around technical and business questions. On the first day, we will discuss trends and changes in the BPM sector, as well as the challenges that they pose to IT and business leaders.

WEBCON experts will also demonstrate how the latest version of WEBCON BPS allows organizations to not only keep up with the ever-faster pace of change, but to turn this constant change into an advantage as well.

WEBCON’s clients will share best practices, experiences and novel implementations of WEBCON BPS in their organizations.

Closing the first day, the Program Council will be an open discussion regarding the future development of WEBCON BPS.

Day two of the conference is dedicated to workshops, where our WEBCON experts will share their experiences regarding the use of WEBCON BPS in everyday work. They will demonstrate how to manage a number of extensive processes easily and efficiently, and how to overcome challenges related to specific areas of operation of organizations.

The digital transformation is not a fad. It is a major paradigm shift in how business functions. The companies which are effectively using available IT solutions today have a foothold and headstart into the future. WEBCON DAY is an event dedicated to helping innovative companies find effective uses of WEBCON BPS to boost their competitive edge.