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WEBCON forms partnership with Romanian company,NULL,WEBCON’s international expansion does not slow down even for a moment! This time we’re happy to announce that Prosoft++ - a company specializing in the delivery of IT solutions to public sector – became our new Partner!

Before evaluation of WEBCON Business Process Suite, Prosoft++ specialists who have many years of experience with ERP, CRM and BPM systems, tried out multiple competing solutions developed by widely recognized companies.,Our goal was to find a system allowing quick delivery and modification of business applications, adjusted to client’s specific requirements. Only WEBCON BPS was capable of delivering results we expected.,Prosoft++ is another company to join the ranks of WEBCON Partners. Earlier this year WEBCON also formed partnerships with organizations based in Italy, Colombia, Japan, Australia and China.,Cooperation with Prosoft++ is an important step for us in the development of international partnership network. We’re extremely happy that area, where WEBCON BPS is available, has been extended to Romania. We’re gradually experiencing the snow-ball effect as more and more companies contact us and are interested in our Partnership Program. For us, that’s the best reward we can get for years of hard work we put into the company growth.,Prosoft++ is focused on development and delivery of software designed to increase operational efficiency of end-customer. The company specializes in providing solutions to public organizations. Over 20 years of being on the market, Prosoft++ earned impeccable opinion and works with ministries, government institutions, town halls, universities, city councils and many others.