Part 5 of WEBCON BPS review by Michael Greth: Integration & data sources

The integration of IT systems is increasingly important, as by doing so you can create genuine digital ecosystem within your organization. In Episode 5 of Michael Greth's video review of WEBCON BPS, Tristan Iserhardt from Acando GmbH explores how WEBCON BPS integrates with various systems and databases.

In this era of digital transformation, the integration capabilities of BPM-class platforms are of vital importance as they are often requierd to connect multiple different systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) and business-critical applications. Smart integration capabilities mitigate the need to run “data silos”, eliminate the need to re-enter and duplicate data, reduce the risk of errors and improve the speed and quality of decision making.

In Part Five of Michael Greth's WEBCON BPS overview series, Tristan Iserhardt from Acando GmbH details the extensive two-way integration capabilities of WEBCON BPS. These include the SharePoint list connector, SQL and Oracle database connectors, and the REST and SOAP Web Service connectors that are capable of integrating with a wide variety of ERP, CRM, and ECM systems.

This episode also demonstrates how the platform accommodates non-typical scenarios in a user-friendly way. For example, the Outlook add-in allows you to use an e-mail or document attached to an e-mail as a way to initiate a workflow. In terms of document digitalization, WEBCON BPS offers HotFolder. The system moves scanned documents to a network folder, from where WEBCON BPS takes them and starts a workflow. Similarly, in HotMailbox, documents are sent to an Exchange account from where WEBCON BPS takes them and starts a workflow.

Watch the interview below [in German].


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