WEBCON speaks at Poland’s first E-Leasing Day

The Polish Leasing Association invited WEBCON to join the speaker team at the first national public debate on digital solutions for the leasing industry.

WEBCON expert at E-Leasing Day

E-Leasing Day was a one-day conference held on April 19, 2018 in Warsaw, fully dedicated to digital solutions for organizations involved in leasing operations.

The event gathered leasing industry experts, IT service and solution providers, as well as professionals from outside the industry who were interested in discussing the digital future of the leasing industry. The participants exchanged experiences and discussed topics including document digitalization, digital onboarding of business clients, and new, innovative solutions in e-customer service.

Lukasz Wrobel, vice president and CBDO of WEBCON, took part in the debate titled “The Future of the Leasing Industry in an Increasingly Digital Business Environment” as one of the panel experts. He joined other prominent figures of the financial industry in Poland, including the former Minister for Digitalization, Anna Strezynska.

In his summary of the discussion, Mr. Wrobel pointed out that the list of topics covered, which included the blockchain, the cloud, digital signature and document digitalization, mobile applications, and the Internet of Things, is not sufficiently comprehensive. According to WEBCON’s expert, this is the greatest challenge facing every industry today, not just leasing for finance. The rapid pace of change and the emergence of new technologies has caused organizations to face challenges that were previously unknown. Mr. Wrobel underscored that the greater challenge facing businesses is not their choice of technology, but the internal restructuring of companies which allows employees to constantly implement new solutions. Change itself, as well as a company’s reaction to it, is the greatest challenge for organizations these days.

WEBCON’s expert also touched on the latest trends in the ongoing digital transformation, which can lead to profound changes in the functioning of entire organizations. Modern businesses require new solutions and tailored applications, delivered and modified according to dynamically changing demand. As Mr. Wrobel pointed out, IT has become a legitimate partner in business, co-responsible for enabling and enacting business strategies, a critical role in this age of digitalization.


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