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EDF Group is the biggest Polish producer of electricity and heat in cogeneration, supports functioning of its polish divisions using WEBCON Business Process Suite. The company continuously develops  system processes and creates new workflows on its own.



An implementation of WEBCON BPS platform took place in 2011, but its functionality is incessantly extended and enriched with new processes. During the early stages of implementation, with the help of WEBCON experts, sale processes and workflows supporting day-to-day activities (such as submission and approval of applications or data collection system) were automated.

Further work included HR workflow (which comprehensively supports all data related to employees) and in 2012 a project that supports (in terms of IT system) the process of hiring new EDF employees.

However, one of the most interesting processes created in WEBCON BPS, is a workflow supporting the preparation of workplace in power plants. Its task is to support fulfillment of all requirements and check whether they were executed. System generates documentation and dedicated informational signs to place in workspace. 

The platform is being constantly developed also by highly qualified EDF CUW employees, who on their own automate business processes in respond to current company’s needs.

Among companies on polish energy market, in addition to EDF Group, WEBCON Business Process is also used by TAURON Group, PGE Elektrownia Opole, Euro-Energia S.A and PPPP Naftoport. The system is currently being implemented in the Gdanskie Przedsiebiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej (GPEC). 

EDF Group is an energy company with global reach. It operates in Poland since 1998 and is the largest foreign investor in the country in terms of production of electricity and heat. Currently, EDF has 10% share of electricity market and 15% of heating market in Poland. The axis of the company’s strategy lays in environment protection, low CO2 emission and attention to customers.