[WEBINAR] How WEBCON BPS Addresses Agile Organizations

Staying competitive requires adaptability. Too many process tools ignore that organizations and the people that work for them aren’t static and stable. Join our webinar on July 1, at 9:00 AM Pacific Time / 6:00 PM CET and learn how WEBCON BPS supports companies in managing change by allowing them to quickly adjust their business processes and brings them closer to becoming adaptable organizations.



Companies merge, acquire, and divest. Managers have subordinates and superiors. Organizations have multiple divisions, "Chinese walls", and other requirements. Employees take time off, and leave the company at some point. WEBCON knows all of this, and made sure WEBCON BPS can accommodate all of the above.

During the webinar you’ll get tactical tips with a bit of strategic insight regarding:

  • Business Process Groups
  • Business Entities
  • Substitutions
  • Constants
  • Employee Leave workflows
  • How to make applications adapt to all of the above, with minimal pain and maximum payoff?


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