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Business processes consist of tasks and tasks are much more, than simple deadlines with straightforward approvals. Join Mike Fitzmaurice to learn how WEBCON BPS handles the complexity.



Business processes are nothing without tasks that must be performed. The problem is that most low-code platforms take tasks too lightly.

WEBCON BPS approach is different. We take tasks seriously. We know, that they are elaborate constructs that incorporate deadlines, forms, permissions, multiple tiers of assignment, and even sub tasks and subprocesses. And task substitutions need to be handled during periods of unavailability.

Within one hour live webinar, you’ll discover with your own eyes how WEBCON BPS handles that complexity.

The webinar will start out with some design explanations, pivot to a series of how-to demos, and end with a tour of scenarios that show how The WEBCON Way of handling tasks pays off in user experience, application curation, and company-wide productivity. 

Join WEBCON Chief Evangelist and VP North America Mike Fitzmaurice on May 20 at 9:00 AM PT(US & Canada) |  6:00 PM CET (Europe), and learn how to become a master of tasks with WEBCON BPS.


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