[WEBINAR] Stage-Based Workflows: A Better Way To Model and Manage Processes

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We'll give you a hint: it's about state machine logic, a computer science concept with VERY tangible real-world benefits:

  • you can move backwards, forwards, and sideways,
  • you can make changes with less disruption,
  • you can make it easier for users to participate in and validate your designs.

This webinar will start by explaining how stage-based designs and processes work, move on to why they're often far better than classic sequential processes, and conclude with examples of how to build and run such solutions!

Join us on November 21 at 1:00 PM CET - trust us, you don't want to miss it!



The webinar is hosted by European SharePoint, Office365 & Azure Conference, the biggest European conference focusing on Microsoft’s technology for business. The event takes place on December 02-05 in Prague, and we’re proud to be suport it as a Platinum Partner. Learn more & meet is at ESPC19.



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