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German tech-influencer Michael Greth introduces WEBCON BPS to a broader audience in a series of helpful introductory videos. Part one explores workflow creation as illustrated by a gift acceptance process, presented by Philipp Brzezicki from Vater Gruppe.

Business processes remain one of the top themes to discuss in SharePoint. To shed more light on the topic, Michael Greth, a well-known speaker, author, consultant and trainer for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies, has prepared a series of videos in collaboration with WEBCON.

The first interview in the series features Philipp Brzezicki of Kiel-based Vater Gruppe. It demonstrates how to implement concrete scenarios in workflows, based on a simple gift acceptance process. This new approach to business application delivery, with no deployment time, is enabled by WEBCON BPS’s Instant Change™ technology.

See how dynamic changes are introduced to ongoing workflow instances, with instant results.

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