Partner Profile: Dolphin IT Solutions (UK)

Interview with Andy Taylor, IT Solutions Architect / Consultant


The interview with Andy Taylor, IT Solutions Architect / Consultant from Dolphin IT Solutions

Why did you become a WEBCON Partner?

AT: Before WEBCON, we would use the InfoPath or SharePoint Developer to create forms and do any sort of workflow, as these were the only tools available at the time. It was proving to be quite challenging. That’s why I specifically looked for a third-party product that could work with SharePoint to boost our offering of what we could deliver into more advanced SharePoint options – as at the time, WEBCON had a dependency on SharePoint – now obviously it’s its own stand-alone platform. I looked at three products: Nintex, WEBCON, and FlowForma. I think it was a mixture of few different things that made me decide to go with WEBCON over the others, and one of them definitely was the pricing structure. It was much more fitting to the type of clients that we were working with, and we appreciated the flexibility around not having to have a minimal number of users, as well as having unlimited processes per user. It was also the functionality and the flexibility of what you could do with WEBCON, compared with other solutions. And I had a much better demo from the guys at WEBCON 😉

What’s your best selling point now when it comes to WEBCON BPS?

AT: Our biggest selling point now is the fact that we can basically provide any requirement at all by either using WEBCON out-of-the-box, or using SDK, or integrating it with a data base, or Power BI – so the flexibility around what we can offer is far greater today. In fact, now we do more with WEBCON than we do with SharePoint – one sort of overtaken the other.

How does that affect the way you acquire new clients?

AT: Our clients often come to us with a particular requirement that very frequently grows quite quickly into something that’s bigger than how it initially started – thanks to platform’s flexibility, we can easily address that demand. But they will also start using the platform and then realize that we can offer them a different feature, some more functionality, and then they learn they can apply it to different areas of the business, so it’s a little bit of snowball effect – it grows the more you use it.

Is this the MVP approach?

AT: Yes, it is. Today, we actually speak more to managers who are non-technical to IT department managers – we deal a lot with Quality Managers, HR Managers, people that have a particular function in the business yet they don’t want to get involved with IT department, because it becomes a bit of a problem too big for them to tackle.

Do you tend to build applications prototypes already during the meetings with business?

AT: We don’t so much do it, but… I actually just did that last week for a client. Generally what I do is during the initial meeting I’ll find out some requirement, take them away and build a little demo. I’ll then give them login to our system – WEBCON UAT environment – so they can go in there, show it to other team members, have a little play around with it, get comfortable with the application, and then I use that to push the sale. So that’s generally the way I like to do it, because then I can say “Look, I can do this for you for a month, and then we need to make a decision about what we’re doing next”. But it just so happens that last week I actually did build something right in front of the client in Designer Studio because they wanted to see “how they’re going to take this on”.

How did partnering with WEBCON affect your business?

AT: It’s boosted our revenue. We’re finding that most of our clients actually want us to do the building and the supporting of the processes ourselves. They do get involved a little bit in terms of building the form or designing the workflow, but more often not – they just want us to deliver the solution for them, and do the testing, so we’re getting a lot of consultancy of the WEBCON work that we do. Plus then they’ll usually take a support contract with us, we might also do a few other things like building an Intranet, do the document migration, help out with Office365, so we basically get in the door with the core product, and then we can expand into other areas of what we offer, and that’s quite a big revenue booster for us.

Can you share a story of how you acquired one of your WEBCON clients?

AT: Quite a recent one for us was a manufacturing company that got themselves involved in a bespoke development project that they’ve been in it for two years. So they’ve obviously devoted a lot of time and money into this development, and yet the relationship between the developer and the company has broken down. The need for a solutions remained though, so they were desperate to find someone to take over the application – and that’s why they came to us. By the look at it I said “Listen, we can actually build you something much better than that, in a very short time frame – so forget about what you’ve got there – we’ll just build it completely from scratch”. They paid for five day PoC project, during which I replicated as much of the existing system that I could, and that was enough for them to sign off on the bigger project. We’ve done the whole thing – start to finish – in six weeks, and it’s better than what they’ve just spent two years building. Now they’re looking at dropping all of the systems in their warehouse in favor of just reusing WEBCON for all of that as well.

Andy Taylor, IT Solutions Architect / Consultant, Dolphin IT Solutions (UK)

Andy Taylor has worked in the IT sector for around 25 years now, and started Dolphin IT Solutions in 2001 as a sub-contractor working for various businesses as a SQL data analyst and developer. Over the years, the services offered by Dolphin have changed somewhat to expand into cloud migrations and hosting options, Business Intelligence, SharePoint and Business Process Management offered through the low code platform of Webcon. We have been a Webcon partner here in the UK now for 6 years and in using this platform we have managed to offer even more flexible delivery options to our clients to boost their productivity and efficiency.

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