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Partner Profile: Euvic Services

The interview with Tomasz Laszuk, CEO at Euvic Services

Why did you become a WEBCON Partner?

We constantly develop offerings to add to our IT services portfolio; partnering with WEBCON was a natural consequence of that.
We have several dozen people who support the large-scale maintenance of cloud-based, traditional, and (most commonly) hybrid IT infrastructures. We also have a team of several dozen developers who deliver IT systems dedicated to our clients’ needs. But many of our clients needed something that was neither off-the-shelf or fully custom; efficient solutions that can be delivered in a relatively short period of time and within a reasonable budget. The pandemic made the need for digitization even more of a priority for many companies. We believe WEBCON’s low-code platform is a perfect response to these needs, and I am glad that we established this partnership.

Have you already had a low-code platform or any BPM tool in your arsenal?

No, not any specific product. Many of the dedicated systems we’ve created from scratch or based on SharePoint included functionalities typical for business process management applications, however, as I mentioned earlier, these solutions aren’t always suitable for every situation at every company.
The main challenges with solutions we code ourselves are a relatively longer implementation times and resulting relatively higher costs. Examples would be applications that are parts of larger systems, some of which involve multi-year. Plenty of client application needs don’t fit that pattern, but they are a good fit for WEBCON.

What are the benefits of your partnership with WEBCON for your clients?

We’ve already gotten a lot of very positive feedback from our clients. The user-friendly interface, fast time to market, extensive possibilities of integration with other systems – these are the factors that help a lot with customer decisions. Inferring from our sales funnel, I’m certain we’ll be starting our first projects based on WEBCON BPS in Q2 of 2022.
The pandemic sparked a real revolution in the way our clients manage their internal processes. Even the most conservative ones had to implement some radical changes. Thanks to WEBCON, we can address those needs with rapid responses. The “new reality” requires much faster results and greater flexibility to our clients’ changing needs. It’s why they need to turn to solutions that will ensure this flexibility. I think this will make it possible to quickly acquire our first client references.

How do you expect WEBCON to affect your business?

We’ve just begun our partnership with WEBCON, but I have a feeling that WEBCON BPS may be one of the most important solutions in our toolset to help us improve our IT services. We’ve already achieved the necessary sales and technical competences, and now we’re working on acquiring new projects.
What I am particularly happy about is that, apart from the positive feedback we’ve received when presenting this solution to our existing clients, WEBCON BPS has been a great “door opener” to reaching new customers. We ourselves are in the process of transferring several internal processes to this platform; we want to show that it really works, that we believe in this solution so strongly we use it ourselves. It’s also a great way to get a large number of our employees familiar with this tool and to be able to describe it to our clients. To be able to ensure them that it’s an extremely helpful, user-friendly, and well-suited to companies operating in a variety of industries. I have high hopes that both Euvic and WEBCON will notice the positive impact our partnership has on our businesses.

Do you think low-code is the future of business applications development?

The current market situation – including the labor market – shows that this really may be one of the most interesting directions in the development of IT services. Low-code, as its name indicates, does not need any in-depth programming knowledge – although, obviously, understanding the logic and algorithms, even when they’re depicted as block diagrams, remains helpful.
Nevertheless, low-code makes the barrier to entry to the world of new technology easier to overcome. Certainly, the challenges related to process digitalization or the broadly understood “modern desktop” naturally generate needs for which low-code may be the answer. Of course, there are many different tools to answer these needs on the market as well, from completely closed, out-of-the-box solutions to custom ones created from scratch. However, low-code platforms have many more advantages, what makes them outperform other solutions. We really hope these functionalities will help our clients – and us – in the development of our cooperation with WEBCON.
Tomasz Laszuk

Tomasz Laszuk, CEO at Euvic Services

A graduate of IT studies at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences at the Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, and Postgraduate Management Studies in Strategic Enterprise Management at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). For over 20 years he has been developing and managing entities from the IT industry. He completed numerous courses and trainings in the field of management and IT technology, and has extensive practical knowledge supported by numerous certificates – ITIL, PRINCE2, PROSCI. Currently a student of Executive MBA studies at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw.

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