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The interview with Lukasz Nowak, Vice President at PCG Academia

Why did you become a WEBCON Partner?

LN: Higher education institutions in Poland are heavily relying on paper-based processes. Thousands of sheets of paper are produced every year at dean’s offices around the country – letters, forms, appeals, approvals. The insufficient level of business process automation and digitization of HEIs was particularly visible during the COVID-19 pandemic. When lockdown was introduced, the ability to adapt paper-based processes and go digital as quickly as possible was critical to the survival and success of many universities in Poland. Based on the strong market need that we identified among higher education institutions in Poland, we then started evaluating the “best-of-breed” applications in the business process optimization category. Happy clients, extensive use of low-code technology, and an inspiring Leadership Team convinced us that WEBCON was the perfect match for PCG.

How did WEBCON affect the way you acquire new clients?

LN: Because of its agility, performance, and scalability, WEBCON offers multiple avenues for approaching new clients. Going from paper to digital is the obvious one. Equally exciting opportunities lie within the large Information Management Systems used by the HEIs. The legacy ERPs, CRMs and other, locally installed systems offer limited flexibility and are expensive to customize. WEBCON can be connected to any IMS used by the university, pull the data it needs, run a complete workflow, and return with the final output. Often such an approach is faster and less expensive to implement then building a dedicated functionality in the university’s IMS.

How did partnering with WEBCON affect your business?

LN: Our partnership with WEBCON produced tangible benefits on all fronts of our cooperation. During the first year of our partnership, we have completed 6 end-to-end implementations for high priority universities, which boosted our sales and enabled us to access new clients. We have also built a strong pipeline of opportunities for next year, that are likely to double our revenues for 2021. Internally we used WEBCON to digitize our HR, invoicing, and procurement processes.

Can you share a story of how you acquired one of your WEBCON clients?

LN: Back in 2021, we were contacted by the Medical University of Gdansk, which at that point has already been experimenting with WEBCON. During the first couple of meetings the focus was less on technology and more on the evaluation of our WEBCON consultants. The university wanted co-create business processes in WEBCON together with PCG staff (in a hybrid model), leveraging agile project management methodology. We started small by identifying a single process, and going through the full cycle of process design, optimization, and implementation. Today, PCG and Medical University of Gdansk have worked through countless processes together and are now setting for a full automation of the university’s administrative services.
Łukasz Nowak

Łukasz Nowak, Vice President at PCG Academia

Łukasz Nowak has nearly 15 years of experience in providing IT services for the public sector. He has been associated with Public Consulting Group Ltd. since 2008. In 2008-2010, he completed a two-year managerial program at the PCG headquarters in Boston. He also completed numerous consulting, training and IT projects commissioned by local governments and institutions from the education sector in Poland and the USA. He initiated institutional cooperation and the acquisition of Partners in Progress, later transformed into PCG Academia. He coordinates and develops the cooperation of PCG Academia with commercial and strategic partners. Łukasz Nowak graduated from, among others, the Clark University near Boston (Business Communication), Warsaw School of Economics (IT Management), the University of Łódź (Education Management) and the Kozminski University (Sales Management). He received a formal certifications incl. Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) awarded by the international PMI Management Institute.

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