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The interview with Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director in VSB IT Services GmbH


The interview with Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director in VSB IT Services GmbH.

Why did you become a WEBCON Partner?

AS: We had been digitizing our processes on the Lotus (now HCL) Notes platform for more than 20 years. When it became increasingly difficult to acquire new projects on this platform, we started searching for a modern low-code solution for process digitization, and we came across WEBCON. From the start, we were amazed by the possibilities it offered and its relative ease of use, so we quickly decided to embark on a partnership – a decision we have not regretted so far.

How did WEBCON affect the way you acquire new clients?

AS: We no longer depend on the customer’s mail system, but we can fully focus on the business requirements. In the past, we had to rely on the HCL Notes, which more and more often turned out to be a show stopper in the acquisition process. With WEBCON BPS, we can now deliver complex and fully functional prototypes with little effort to convince prospective customers with the result. Using Notes, it took a lot more effort and that is why we did it less often. A proof of concept is the best way for us to convince prospective customers of the performance offered by WEBCON BPS.

How did partnering with WEBCON affect your business?

AS: We officially started our WEBCON business in Q4 of 2016. Since then, we have managed to increase our annual sales by about 3,900 per cent to almost 700,000 EUR. This is sensational and we continue to grow. A very positive aspect is the service that goes along with the platform, which ensures that consultants have a stable workload. We had to recruit new members for our WEBCON team again this year in order to be able to continue to guarantee acceptable response time in the future.

Can you share a story of how you acquired one of your WEBCON clients?

AS: The best story is how we won our first WEBCON customer, NIDEC GPM. We developed and supported a custom SharePoint application for them, so they approached us about training for NINTEX, which we could not and did not want to offer, though. Incidentally, this request came right at the time when we first got in touch with WEBCON.

So, I asked them if they had already purchased NINTEX. They told me that they had chosen NINTEX but had not placed the order yet. I immediately scheduled a presentation with both WEBCON and NIDEC—just two days after I had seen WEBCON BPS live myself for the first time. We managed to convince NIDEC to reconsider their decision about NINTEX and choose WEBCON instead. Today, NIDEC is a very satisfied customer and I hope they will remain one for a long time.

Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director of VSB IT Services GmbH (Germany)

Andreas Schmidt is an IT specialist and business economist. He has over 26 years of experience in implementing IT solutions such as CRM, digital processes and document management. VSB IT Services has been a WEBCON partner since 2016 and, together with its customers, has already implemented numerous successful projects on the low-code platform WEBCON BPS.

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